Museo Jurásico Asturias

The Dinosaur Coast

Lastres Cliffs

plano_yacimientos_2From the coastal road N-632 near the village of Colunga, take the local route AS-257 that leads to Lastres. Approximately 1.5 km after passing Lastres, you arrive at Luces and take a turnoff to the right down a narrow paved road that leads to the Lastres lighthouse. About 650 m before reaching the lighthouse, take a path about 850 m until reaching the base of the sea cliffs. Near there, and a bit to the east, there is a loose block of sandstone with two dinosaur cast, a three.toed footprint of a bipedal dinosaur and a crescent-shaped track (the manus print of a sauropod).

Following the base of the cliffs towards the west for 300 m, you arrive at some sandstone beds tilted 24º towards the sea in which there are various tridactyl footprints of bipedal dinosaurs and a sauropod trackway (wich is being gradually eroded by present-day wave action).


















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