Museo Jurásico Asturias

Garden and Play Area

Coinciding with our third anniversary, the garden and the play area of the MUJA were inaugurated in April 2007.
The garden occupies over 7000 square metres, where over 6000 plants of 15 different species co-exist while forming amazing dinosaur tracks that give it a Jurassic nuance. The garden also allows one to go for a walk amongst dinosaurs, as it includes the reproductions of four dinosaur species that inhabited the eastern Asturian coast: an Allosaurus, a Dacentrurus, a Camptosaurus and a Diplodocus, known popularly as "Manín".
But the youngest visitors have another incentive provided by the surroundings of the MUJA: a children´s playground with swings, slides and personalised games, with dinosaurs as the main characters.

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